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My Approach to Astrology

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Astrology is an ancient practice that emerged thousands of years ago across different cultures in different parts of the world. Like any discipline of knowledge making, it has morphed and transformed, picked up new cultural manifestations and lost other parts throughout human evolution. There are various types of Astrology used and practiced today. Some systems apply very different interpretive frameworks while others vary slightly from one another. I work within the framework of Evolutionary Astrology, which is a system developed around the soul’s intentions and trajectory for healing and spiritual fulfillment while on this human journey.


I came to practicing Astrology professionally after many years training, teaching and writing in cultural feminist studies. My approach to astrology thus blends with my work as a cultural theorist and feminist trauma theorist. This means that I move always from a dance between embodiment and society. This dance winds itself through the zodiac and the archetypes represented by the houses, planets and signs. Like any other field, Astrology can get stuck in outdated frameworks that are conditioned by patriarchal and colonial paradigms. My training helps me to shed these lenses from the archetypes and reclaim empowered and healing paradigms. 

My love of Astrology comes from the nuanced language the archetypes offer to articulate our embodiments of very complex situations, lives, histories, relationships and dreams for our future. To unfold this complexity, we need to sit with the zodiac for a long while, years and years, and listen to its depth of significance. I love the work of sitting with the Zodiac. I do this through active study, professional development with astrologers I admire and respect, and through my own creative practices of art-making, meditation, dream work and nature-based learning.


In my practice, Astrology is about a route into co-creative alignment with ways of being and knowing that manifest in many different cultures and traditions. It is an ever-evolving practice of self-inquiry that connects us deeply to earth and the earth's interconnectedness with the cosmos. It has been for me the most creative and supportive path into healing. I say this having studied and published in many cultural and psychology-based modalities. Some dimensions of belonging and healing simply require frameworks beyond the human mind's ability to create or 'discover' them. Astrology offer us a path toward integrative reclaiming, personally & collectively. Science blends with art and myth invigorates cultural heritages. There is no relinquishing of free will or blind faith in forces that control us involved. It is a truly co-creative and integrative pathway through meaning making, healing and evolving.

If you are new to astrology, have always been curious but on the fence about exploring it or if you have studied for many years, I would love to work with you and open up your chart and soul's path with you. Please contact me if you have any questions about how I work with this modality or how it might be useful to you.

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