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What I Offer:

A Holistic Approach To Gaining Clarity On Your Path
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Thank you for your interest in working with me. Below you'll find descriptions of the types of readings I offer.  Scroll down there or stay and read about my approach! 
I view Astrology as an incredible modality for healing & for gaining clarity on various aspects of our lives. Be it emotional struggles, relationship dips, vocation & career directions and/or spiritual fulfillment or major life transitions that involve grief & loss, Astrology offers a frame, language and embodied approach like no other healing modality.

In addition to Astrology, I am trained in various philosophical traditions, cultural theory, trauma theory & mindfulness psychotherapeutic approaches. All of this training & study contributes to my practice and coaching style. I am here first and foremost to support you. 

So much of of our suffering comes from conditioning- conditioning from society, media, family, history & the complicated ways that society teaches us to shut down the most sensitive and creative parts of ourselves. 

Archetypal Astrology is an incredible tool (and ancient system of meaning making) that helps us reclaim so much. It helps us connect to our drive in life. It helps us thrive & heal. 

What we've been doing as humans, simply isn't working anymore. This is why so many people are gaining renewed interest in Astrology. The ancient meets the contemporary and we create new practices for healing.


My approach is dialogue-based. Astrology is a co-creative art form in which I work with the archetypes in your chart and you. Astrology is about realigning ourselves to our inherent rhythms and our inherent flows. 

If it's your first time working with me, I suggest you start with a natal chart reading. Every Astrologer has a different approach and route into opening your chart. When I do a natal reading, I am fully engaged in Soul Work with you. Your soul quite literally speaks through the chart. This is what Evolutionary Astrology is all about. From there, there are other types of sessions to try depending upon what type of guidance you're looking for at different points in your life. Sessions are described below. Please note, all astrology sessions require your birth time, date and location. 

























Cortes Island Intensive Healing Retreats in British Columbia

Sometimes touching down into intensive periods of self-inquiry work is the most direct route into clearing blocks and inviting healing. For those wanting to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and healing support of Cortes Island, I offer 2-5 day retreat options for individuals or small groups of 2-4 people if you have friends or family you want to plan a self-inquiry retreat with.


Pricing varies depending upon the context of your retreat, which is personalized to meet your healing needs. You are responsible for arranging your accommodations, which I am happy to help with or make recommendations for. 

Modalities for Intensive Retreats often include:

  • Nature-based work

  • Astrology

  • Expressive Arts

  • Meditation 

  • Mindful & Gentle Somatics

If you are interested in scheduling a retreat, please contact me for more details. At present, intensives are only offered in June & July.























All readings are conducted via Zoom. You will have the opportunity to record your session.
All Prices are listed in USD

Types of Sessions:

Natal Chart Readings ~$20

Approx. 2 hour session that includes an integrative reading of your natal astrology chart designed to open up your soul's callings and core personality needs.  This reading also covers significant transits that you are most likely feeling in your day to day life, especially transits that are awakening your soul imperatives. I will discuss how your chart speaks to your elemental (water, air, fire & earth) embodiments and any other themes/questions you want to look at.  This is the most comprehensive reading I offer and is recommended for first time clients. Even if you've had a natal reading before- this will be different. I sit with your chart for a while before we meet. You are getting much more than 2 hours of my time!



Astro Coaching & Follow Up Sessions~$115/hr   

For returning clients (if it is your first time working with me, please book a natal reading)- astro coaching is a great way of getting more regular support from me and the cosmos. These coaching sessions can include transits, progressions, work with your elemental makeup, creative visualizations and other healing arts modalities to support your healing & growth. They can be as frequent or infrequent as you like. Some people like 6-month check-ins while others like to do a more regular basis of astro coaching.  They are particularly useful if you are moving through a life transition, more often than not, aligned with significant transits such Saturn Returns, a Chiron, Uranus, or any Pluto transit. Astro coaching is also a great option for folks who would like to try a different approach to healing than traditional therapy or to supplement their ongoing therapy work.

Divine Feminine Reading~$135/hr  
This reading opens
up how the divine feminine energies manifest in your chart and life. Depending upon your chart, focus is on a combination of the Asteroids- Ceres, Vesta, Juno & Pallas in addition to Lilith and Venus. These sessions works to untangle your divine feminine energies from the ways that personal experiences combined with cultural and social norms often teach us to silence, distort, mistrust or repress these energies. Empowering and freeing, these sessions are all about reclaiming and learning how our natal charts and current transits help us move forward along these paths of reclaiming. Divine feminine energy manifests in all of us, regardless of gender and these sessions are powerful and healing for men, women & non-binary folks.


Synastry Reading~$150/hr or $285/2hr

Synastry readings are for couples, friends or family that want a deeper dive into their relationship through Astrology. The goal of a synastry reading is to gain more nuanced understanding of your relationship by relating to each other through the archetypes and learning how your charts speak to each other. Learning how your core planets activate one another can offer greater insight into the ins and outs of intimacy. It can also offer support and clarify each person's deepest needs and...suggest if your souls have danced together before.  We can learn so much in a synastry reading. For instance where our Mercury sits tells a lot about how we communicate. Learning about each other's communication styles offer new ways into relating with one another.  Synastry readings are not here to say, 'this partner is your perfect soulmate' or to put a label of 'good' or 'bad' on a relationship. Relationships are meant to support our soul's evolution in this particular human experience at this particular time. Growth often requires struggle and struggle is best supported by love & awareness.


Me & You, Kid Reading ~ $225/1.5 hr 

This is a combination reading for a parent and your child. I will give you an abbreviated natal chart reading for you and for you child and then a mini synastry reading for both of your charts. These sessions are great for supporting and nurturing your relationship with your child. Gain some insights into why they are the way they are and why you react the way you do! If your child is interested, it's great if he/she/they attend the session or, as long as you have their consent, you can get a reading of their chart without them present.

The Poetry of Your Chart ~250 USD
Here my gifts of poetic prose and astrology come together with equal doses of magic & intuition. I will sit with your chart, journey with it and translate it into a poetic journey for you. Each chart tells a different story and I do not know the story until I am inside of it. This is for you if you learn through narrative and want to give yourself the gift of a timeless story of your chart & soul's evolution. Archetypal metaphors are the language I work within, therefore these are not literal stories but timeless glimpses of the poetry of your chart. They also make lovely gifts!
I will have this to you 3 weeks from payment, as I have to prepare and cultivate the time to journey with your chart. As such- depending upon my schedule, I can only do them at certain times so please contact me if you're interested.


Moon Stages
Moon Stages

Please ONLY purchase a natal reading if you have ALREADY booked with me!!

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More options for 4-6 week
classes on the archetypes & online retreats
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Please ONLY purchase an astro coaching session if you have ALREADY booked with me!!

"To be running breathlessly but not yet arrived, is itself delightful, a suspended moment of living hope." ~Anne Carson

Moon Stages

It goes without saying that an astrology session is never intended to replace the advice of licensed medical doctors, legal professionals, or psychologists. Astrology offers insights for an individual to work with as they choose. All information from a session with Iris is offered for information purposes only, it is Iris' own interpretation of a chart, and the client assumes all responsibility for any actions and decisions made in their life as a result of their reading. An astrology session is not intended to be interpreted as psychotherapy. 

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