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Now Available!!
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Meet the Asteroid Goddess!!!

Learn how you embody 
Ceres, Jun
o, Athena & Vesta.

 This 50 page Workbook teaches you about the key astrological energies of these Divine Goddess Asteroids. You'll learn about their myths & the importance of working with their elements, earth, fire, air & water, in your chart.

Designed with healing prompts & reflections to bring their energies into your daily life for healing & growth.

Available through Patreon

& the Cosmic Rhythms Tier.

Join us for 1-month ($19.95 USD) and you'll receive this work book, and have a lot of fun in the process💫

Embrace Your Sacred Fires Within
$16 CA/ $12 USD
Self-Paced Online Course : Vesta & Her Sacred Hearth
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