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About My Writing & Scholarship

My writings range from academic & scholarly articles to web journals, experimental forms of poetry and the content I'm building here on Feminist Astrology & the Healing Arts. I am currently working on a book about trauma, spirituality and poetry. Below are just a few of my scholarly writings if you are interested in exploring my work, most of which is focused in trauma, poetry & healing. You can also follow me on Instagram (@madronaspulse) for daily writings/reflections based in astrology or check out my Youtube Channel where I've begun sharing on Astrology for Healing!



Sample Scholarly Writing

"Grief Tending Through the Wilderness" in the British Journal of Guidance & Counselling

Autoethnographic Aesthetics as Feminist Arts-Based Trauma Work in Departures in Critical Qualitative Research

15 Tips for Meditators Who Have Experienced Trauma, The Mindful Word WebJournal

Feminist Astrology

I'm currently working on adding content to this section. Check back often for more as I'm always inspired to write about Astrology!

Reclaiming Embodiment, Feminist Phenomenology & Astrology in Career Astrologer Magazine, 2022


Embodying our Rhythms: How Astrology Supports
Emotional Wellbeing


My Approach to Astrology

What is is Feminist Astrology

The Zodiac at a Glance




Madrona's Pulse Teachings YouTube Channel

I'm slowly adding content to this channel on a range of topics in the Healing Arts

Sometimes traditional psychotherapy & coaching are just not enough. They don't reach into the cosmos. They can even keep us caught in cycles of the same. Astrology can offer fresh insight and new routes out of the old. Check out my video Below!! !

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