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New Course! Healing with Vesta
& Her Sacred Hearth!
Solstice Special~ $22 CAD

Healing with Vesta & Her Sacred Hearth


Learn the foundations of Asteroid Vesta through an Evolutionary Astrology lens! Vesta is the asteroid goddess of the sacred hearth. She is a deeply nourishing & healing archetype. We all have Vesta within us and learning about her in your natal chart helps you to access a resource of deep healing and creativity already present in your psyche and life. After all, no matter what our life experiences, Vesta's flame can never be put out! In this Astrology Foundations class, you'll receive four modules (approx. 100 minutes of video) through which you'll learn about Vesta's myth and how we apply it in astrology, her archetype through the 12 houses & signs, and how to work with Vesta as a creative & healing archetype in your journey of self-actualization. Every module includes a video and a worksheet with prompts to help you integrate your learning and journey with Vesta. Module 1- Introduction to Vesta: Myth & Astrology Module 2- Vesta through the Signs Module 3- Vesta through the Houses Module 4- Healing with Vesta & Her Sacred Hearth Whether you are just starting out on your astrology journey or an intermediate astrologer wanting to learn more about Vesta and how to work with her, this workshop is for you! You will want to know what house/sign your Vesta is in for this course. You can find it easily with a free web app like Astro-Seek:



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