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Exploring the 4th House

A Full Day Online Retreat

Why the 4th House?

The 4th house is the root of natal chart. It's also the root of the psyche. Especially if we live with complicated relationships to childhood, home and/or family, the 4th house can be a confusing house to navigate! It's also a key to a thriving sense of self. When I first started studying astrology, I read so much about the 4th house and for the most part...I always felt like something was missing. Because it was. Evolutionary Astrology is WONDERFUL for exploring the 4th house because the 4th House runs deep into our Soul journey. Add in planets like Saturn, Pluto or Chiron- and there are so many layers to explore in the 4th house!
Whether you have a stellium in your 4th house, one lonely planet or an empty house- learning how to journey with the 4th house is incredibly important for healing & thriving on this human journey. Join me on this online retreat for a deep dive and come away grounded and more secure in your own sense of self- the core of the 4th house journey.


Join Iris for a day designed to
support your own journey through your 4th house

Sunday July 14th
10am-6pm Pacific Time (breaks for lunch)

$275 USD
Limited Spots Available
If you'd like to attend but live in a different time zone, you can register and receive recordings of all sessions!!

In this online retreat we will

12:00-1:30 break
4-4:30 break

A retreat is a space cultivated to allow entry into a liminal realm. Deep dives. Healing. Iris will structure this day to flow in and out of different rhythms to support your journey. As a digital retreat, it's important to carve out your own space & time to be present in your own home (or a space you choose for yourself to be for the day) - literal 4th house work!!! 

Sessions will be recorded (and shared only with participants) if you are unable to attend any or all of the segments.
Suitable for beginner - intermediate astrology levels.

Once registered, there are no refunds. If your schedule changes and you can't attend in person- don't worry- you'll get recordings to do the retreat on your own time.

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Sorry, the workshop is full! More ditial retreats will be coming soon!

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