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Iris J., PhD.
Evolutionary & Archetypal Astrologer 
Author & Educator


Astrology for Healing & Spiritual Growth
Reclaiming Belonging.

Reconnecting with Spirit.
Healing Trauma.

Thriving with Transformative Joy.


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Reviews from clients:

"I've seen a number of astrologers over the last 35 years, but I've never worked with someone who has such a mastery of Astrology and at the same time such a powerful healing presence. Recent events in my life have left me feeling deeply lost, afraid, and hopeless.  When I first contacted Iris, I asked her if she could help me build a new story, something that would get me through this rough time and give me something to hope for in the future.  Right from the start of the Natal Reading, she held a space of safety and compassion -- and one focused on intense exploration! It was easy to share my thoughts and feelings, both the light and the dark, because I knew I was with a friend and a guide who is clearly moved to help others and was not afraid to plumb the depths of human experience. Her insights into my life and myself were beautiful, healing, and inspiring, even when dealing with shadow aspects. This session with Iris is a big part of my healing journey, and I am so grateful that she has chosen the path she is on."

"My astrology reading with Iris has been one of the most healing and inspiring experiences I have had throughout my journey of self-discovery and self-love. Her critically-informed practice of astrology and comprehensive knowledge of the cosmos, the earth, and the self allows for the safest & most sacred space for you to unfold and see your divine blueprint and find peace within the sacred story of your life. I never really thought of astrology as a healing modality before my visits with Iris, but she has totally shifted that reality for me. With her guidance and expertise, I now frequent my chart to look for comfort and clarity and peace of mind throughout the chaos of this human experience. I am so grateful for this magical wise woman!"

Recent Astrology:

Saturn in Pisces


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Saturn is in Pisces now. I woke from a dream of swimming in the ocean with sea turtles and other ancient creatures to step down off of my bed and see that my young cat stole a treasured eagle feather from an altar shelf in the night and tore it to pieces. She left it as a gift for me, an offering for this day in the new era that we find ourselves. Saturn is the boundary between what is known and unknown. Pisces is the vastness of all that is. We enter a 3-year journey in which new boundaries will be set, new divisions between the known and the unknown. What was once unknowable to the human psyche, Saturn will make it real. This will change us all. The wise elder that is Saturn, she knows what we are ready to be initiated into. Such journeys of initiation are not always gentle. They reprogram the psyche. Surely many will choose to resit the shift. Surely all of us will at one point need release into the habits or substances that relieve the grief that comes with the soul's realignment. Saturn in Pisces stirs up grief. But grief is nothing other than a language of Love that society has not taught us how to speak very well. Thankfully, this language is a native tongue of Pisces. We will have the opportunity to weave ourselves through new dimensions of healing that we need not fear. I picture my eagle feather torn to shreds. And the little yellow eyes staring at me, proud of her efforts. I can only laugh. Meaning is always re-emerging, in every moment and we are so lucky that we get to choose to look and understand anew. Choosing not to project that past, good or bad, onto the present, we can accept every experience as a gift. And, Pisces is ultimately, a state of total forgiveness. For those willing, Saturn will teach us how to forgive, perhaps over and over again. This act will reset the boundaries of what is known & unknown. I have been on a journey of forgiveness for, in one way or another, most of my life. Such is the path of survivors of intimate childhood violence. I am so excited for where Saturn is taking me and all of us. May we all wake, again & again, to the beauty of this journey over the next 3 years. Blessings.

Pluto in Aquarius

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And so we enter Aquarius season with Pluto's change of signs. From Capricorn to Aquarius, the great transformer brings new rhythms & new paradigms into our individual & collective lives. We begin the journey through the threshold that culminates with the Leo Full Moon on the 25th and closes with Uranus stationing direct. What a week. What a time that is upon us. March 23- June 11, 2023 was our first taste of Pluto in Aquarius. What was that time like for you? Reflect on themes and shifts that occurred then as we again begin to taste Pluto in Aquarius themes and radical shifts of direction & meaning. As this shift happens, Venus & Ceres in Sagittarius both square Neptune in Pisces. Divine feminine energies of expansive values & unconditional love talk with all that is beyond the veil, infusing this threshold crossing with Venusian fires and the Earth Mother's wisdom. Reality wants to change. Yours. Mine. All of ours. This is a new beginning for humanity. May we all awaken to the absolute beauty that comes from living a life not for greed or fear, but for embodying a truer consciousness and collective evolution. May it be. Blessings on the Journey.

Moon Stages
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